USB Charger EasyFix

​With constant investments in innovation, technology and design, Orbe seeks comfort, safety and convenience for your daily life.


​Technology patented by Orbe, facilitating maintenance and reducing costs.

​Orbe's EasyFix USB charger was developed with technology that allows only the USB socket to be changed, enabling the USB connection, making it easier to change the connector in cases of vandalism or the need for updating.

​Soft signaling light

​The LED indicator helps the user
find the fit even when the light is low.

​Product Description

​During a visit to one of our customers, they told us about too much effort in maintaining the USB chargers in their bus fleet. Unfortunately, some "passengers" simply destroy the USB sockets, like sticking gum or forcing them to ruin a product that is a benefit offered to them to enjoy the trip.

Currently, to replace a damaged product, it is necessary to take the bus to maintenance, in some cases even dismantling the seat to remove the defective part, in addition to, of course, the cost of repair or purchasing a new part.

The EasyFix USB charger is a launch from Orbe that aims to reduce maintenance time and costs, as it has a technology patented by Orbe to quickly replace the damaged USB connector using a special tool. The replacement cartridge costs less than 20% of the full magazine.

A simple solution that helps our customers keep their fleets functional and deal with vandalism, which unfortunately still affects our country.

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